COVID-19 Information Page 


(Updated 10/01/21)


Osteopaths will continue offer face to face appointments and/or remote appointments (via online video-link) for non-emergency and routine patients (providing you have the facilities to have an online appointment).  Patients with Covid-19 cannot come to the clinic, nor can anyone who is self-isolating due to being in contact with someone who has Covid-19 symptoms.  Patients who are shielding due to being classed as Extremely Clinically Vulnerable or patients who live in the same household as someone in one of these categories cannot be treated either.


Remote appointments can be conducted to minimise patient contact and/or for those who are self-isolating due to being at higher risk of COVID-19. Remote consultations can provide advice and exercise prescription to help you manage your symptoms at home until such time as you can come into the clinic. 


Naturally, patients are asked not to book or attend appointments if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anybody who has displayed symptoms within 14 days prior to your appointment.  Please notify us if any symptoms subsequently develop after an appointment has been booked so it can be cancelled and rescheduled. Further information on COVID-19 can be found here NHS COVID-19 Information & Advice.

Infection Control Measures

I am sure you will appreciate all Osteopaths are having to change the way clinics are run in order to comply with regulatory guidance to keep everybody safe. Risk assessments have been carried out at both clinics and all necessary measures have been put in place to mitigate potential risks and minimise the risk of infection.


The following infection control measures have been put in place:

  • An infrared thermometer will be used (from a distance) to check your temperature before a treatment.

  • Patients will be supplied with sanitising hand gel (60% alcohol or above) in Reception areas and in treatment rooms.

  • Practitioner PPE:  A face mask, plastic apron and gloves will be worn during the treatment.  Thorough handwashing will be carried out before and after treatments.

  • Patient PPE:  A mask will be provided for patients to wear during face to face treatments or you can bring your own.

  • All unnecessary linen and fabrics have been removed from the clinic rooms.

  • The treatment couch covers have been removed, so paper couch roll will be put directly on the couch instead.

  • Wipe-down pillows will now be used and will be cleaned after each patient.

  • Towels will no longer be supplied to cover the areas of your body which are not being worked on. Therefore, if you would like one to be used during your treatment, please bring your own clean towel with you.

  • The treatment couch and all high contact areas will be cleaned between each patient.  

  • Clinic rooms will be deep cleaned at the end of each day and all waste disposed of in accordance with government guidelines.

  • To minimise contact with other patients and to allow a clean-down between each patient a 15 minute gap has been allowed between appointments.

  • Patient numbers will be limited in waiting areas and social distancing rules should be followed.

  • Patients will be asked to arrive promptly for appointments to avoid unnecessary waiting in reception areas.  

Reception Services
  • Rowan House: Please note, there will not be a reception service at Rowan House, therefore, practitioners will be taking payments and rebooking appointments. Patients are asked to wait in their car and come to the door at the time of the appointment.

  • The Green Parrot Clinic: Reception services will be running at The Green Parrot Clinic, but please observe social distancing rules when waiting to pay or rebook appointments.

  • Contactless is the preferred method of payment at both clinics, however, all forms of payment will still be accepted.

Online Booking
  • Rowan House: As mentioned above, there won’t be any reception services, so online booking is now available.  I will monitor the online diary and where necessary I will contact you to determine whether a face to face consultation or an online consultation is most appropriate.

  • The Green Parrot Clinic: Reception services are running and online booking is also available. I will monitor the online diary and where necessary I will contact you to determine whether a face to face consultation or an online consultation is most appropriate.

Price Increase
  • Due to the inflated costs of PPE and the measures that have had to be put in place, it has been necessary to increase the price for a new patient consultation (1 hour) to £55 at both clinics.  Follow-up treatments (30 minutes) at The Green Parrot Clinic will increase to £43, this brings the price in line with the treatment cost at Rowan House which has been £43 since April 2019.  Please note the cost of a follow-up treatment at The Green Parrot Clinic has remained the same since July 2017 so an increase has become necessary now. These prices will take immediate effect.