The Consultation

The first consultation will take one hour and will involve taking a comprehensive medical case history, a full structural/postural examination.  Once the examination has been completed, a diagnosis can be made.  A full explanation will be given to ensure you understand the diagnosis.  It is important to understand why problems occur and often simple changes to your everyday life can help them re-occurring after treatment.

​You can be assured we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide. Each person is treated as an individual with their own personalised treatment and management plan.


The first consultation will last an hour, during which a full case history will be taken that will provide us with important information about your medical history, lifestyle and diet.  Follow-up appointments last 30 minutes and consist mainly of treatment.

A thorough examination will be carried out to assess your movements, flexibility and posture.

Providing the findings are ok and you are safe to treat, appropriate treatment will be carried out.  However, if we find anything that may need further investigation, for example, an x-ray or blood test, we may contact your doctor (with your permission) or refer you on to an appropriate healthcare professional before we can safely commence with osteopathic treatment.


So that a comprehensive examination and assessment can be carried out, you will probably be asked to dress-down to your underwear in order to carry out the assessment depending the location of your complaint. If you are uncomfortable about this, we can find a way around it - e.g. wear shorts and a vest top.

During the examination various (painless) diagnostic tests may need to be carried out which are common in medical practice, such as taking your blood pressure.  We may also test your reflexes and carry out orthopaedic tests if necessary. 

After the case history and examination have been completed a diagnosis can be made and an explanation given to you, along with a mutually agreeable treatment and management plan. Treatment can then start.


Treatments may vary slightly from session to session and can include such techniques as:

-  Soft tissue manipulation
-  Gentle stretching
-  Muscle Energy Techniques
-  Articulation treatment (gentle
   mobilization of joints to   
   improve their range and 
   quality of movement)
-  HVTs (High Velocity Thrust),
   used to help release any
   restricted joints.  You may
   hear a painless 'click' when
   the HVT is performed.

All techniques carried out are explained to you and nothing will be carried out that you are not comfortable with.

Some people obtain immediate reduction in pain, however, it is normal to experience soreness or aching for 24 hours after treatment, before relief is obtained.